I'm Jennifer Hazen. I work with busy professionals like you, to find your ideal, finely tuned and targeted prospects.

Clients call me The List Whisperer.

I specialize in researching and building small custom prospect lists, to help you find new clients or opportunities - faster and cost effectively.

Sure, I could have compiled a list of prospects myself. But after months and months of not doing so, I knew it would be worthwhile to outsource it. My time was better spent on running my business, and now I’m relieved to finally have it off my to-do list.
— Corinna vanGerwen, Gift Stylist, http://www.corinnavangerwen.com/


Is your prospecting being neglected?

That’s why it’s an ideal activity to outsource to a professional like me to help you get started.


Mine Your Network

A done for you service. I help you mine your existing network for prospects. Quality trumps quantity when searching for new clients or business opportunities.


Understanding your ideal customers/clients is essential to finding and connecting with them. Need help getting started?

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